RDP session that SPANS both monitors… How to do it!

So you have two monitors, and would like your RDP session to “SPAN” across both of these monitors…

This is easily achieved, just follow these simple steps, and your RDP session will take up both of your monitors!

Step 1

Create an RDP connection and save it to your desktop.


Step 2

Right click your “saved” RDP connection that is residing on your desktop, and create a shortcut of this RDP connection on your desktop.

Step 3

Right click your “shortcut” and edit the connection as follow:

Target: %windir%\system32\mstsc.exe /span
Start in: %windir%\system32\


Save your shortcut, and you are done.

Simply click on your new “shortcut” and your RDP session will span across your two monitors!

Please note that this basically makes one huge monitor out of your RDP connection, it does not give you independant screens! So you will have to re-size your open programs and windows accordingly!

If you want independent screens, you will need a utility like Splitview, to give you independent monitors!

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